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2010-11-17 19:08:33 by MudkipzLOL

fuck you faggots i dont need you


Important announcement


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2010-11-17 19:18:56

lololol i liek. do yuo liek to? i kno i do

MudkipzLOL responds:

u r kewl frend <3


2010-11-29 22:54:07

This is just me being concerned about your maturity level, my good sir. Like everyone else here (except for a good noteworthy few) it seems you also like that same damn trite cock jokes as everyone else. I urge you and your friends to stop before this site gets lost to a bunch of ignorant and stupid assholes. Can you do that for me?

MudkipzLOL responds:

i think you are confused. that video was not directed towards you, it is a misunderstanding. there were also no cock jokes, and I am not friends with the people who were leaving reviews on your art.


2010-11-29 22:54:30

P.S. So I heard you liek Mudkipz...

MudkipzLOL responds:

forget everything i just said fuck you asshole that's offensive


2010-12-02 05:45:39

hey, funny flahs , hahahaha.

MudkipzLOL responds:

thank sir